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"Grobinas SPMK", Ltd.

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    Apkures katli.
    Ventilation: external, internal networks. Production: heating boilers,
    sauna stoves, warm air furnaces, boilers, accumulation tanks, chimneys,
    air ducts. Heating equipment, plumbing ventilation equipment, trade,
    wholesale. Road transport, land excavation machinery services. Energy
    efficiency, water supply sewerage, heating systems, engineering communication
    sphere: Engineering technical communication maintenance and repair,
    system operation and building maintenance. Energy efficiency. Heat
    supply and heat networks, boiler houses, heating systems, heating unit
    maintenance. Water-pipe and sewerage, (internal and external systems)
    pressure increasing devices, biological treatment, grease and oil separators.
    Boiler, tank cleaning. Heating boiler production, engineering systems,
    external engineering networks, internal piping works, water pipes,
    gas wires, heating mains, heating, ventilation, ventilation works.